hagalis crystal analysis - an outstanding tool to visualise the quality of natural products



The Hagalis report awarded Valeo-Propolis 23 out of 24 points. This very rare result...

  • confirms the extraordinary goodness and vitality of Valeo-Propolis
  • proves the high potency of Valeo-Propolis
  • shows the outstanding value of Valeo-Propolis





the hagalis crystal analysis

The Hagalis crystal analysis gives an independent assessment of the quality and health benefits of Valeo-Propolis. Its uniqueness and superior quality is best understood by comparing the crystal images of different kinds of propolis:


Organic Valeo-Propolis:

23 points 

  • crystals are spread throughout the image
  • high energy and strength 
  • goodness and vitality is intense


Propolis produced with
: 17 points

  • crystals are not completely formed
  • low energy and strength
  • goodness and vitality is week



Propolis produced with
alcohol: 8 points

  • large areas without any crystal formation
  • no energy and strength 
  • goodness and vitality is lost


statements from the hagalis report

“Valeo-Propolis achieves an evaluation in the top area of the quality scale, proving that it is of a quality which is rarely found nowadays. "

“The filigree forms of the crystals show that fine vital forces have worked into Valeo-Propolis in a way that is only found in high quality organic products. Areas without crystals would indicate a low vitality and are not found in the entire image of Valeo-Propolis, thus proving that Valeo-Propolis is of high vitality and has a superior product quality. "


“Valeo-Propolis shows various curative effects. It strengthens the immune system and causes a positive effect on inflammatory illnesses. In particular illnesses caused by inflammations of the following organs can be reached through the effectiveness of Valeo-Propolis: Frontal sinus, bronchi, intestine, bladder, eyes, stomach."


“Since the preparation obviously contains much vitality and has general strengthening effects, it obtains the grade -very good- within the upper scale of the scoring system. Regarding its curative effects, the preparation can be highly recommended to the consumer."