uniquely processed to maintain the full potency of bee propolis

organic valeo-propolis




  • contains a wide range of biologically active bioflavonoids
  • uniquely processed to protect their goodness and vitality
  • contains no alcohol or alcohol related substances - pleasant taste
  • is suitable for both adults and children
  • has received an independent quality assessment of the highest degree


the benefits of bee propolis

The honey bees collect resinous sap from trees and plants and bring it back to the hive, where they add beeswax and enzymes. This blend is called bee propolis and protects the beehive from infections. Beehives are one of the most sterile environments, and this is mainly attributed to the extraordinary properties of bee propolis.


At least 150 different substances are present in bee propolis and interact in perfect harmony. The most important of them are the biologically active bioflavonoids that have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Bee propolis is known for its health promoting qualities and is regarded as one of nature’s most remarkable substances. The incredible complexity of nutrients present in bee propolis needs to be protected during harvesting.



the unique valeo-process

The valeo-process, a unique extraction process, based on pure spring water, honey and bee pollen, has been the break-through to maintain the full potency of bee propolis during harvesting. This special blend creates an environment where the health-giving properties are extracted in their natural state. The bee pollen add extra energy and strength, the honey gives Valeo-Propolis its pleasant taste.


The presence of biologically active bioflavonoids (galangin and pinocembrin, pinobanksin, pinobanksin 3-O-acetate) and phenolic compounds (mainly caffeic acids) are responsible for the anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activities of Valeo-Propolis. Not only leaves the valeo-process these important substances in their natural state, but it creates also fatty acids and their esters. These fatty acids are enhancing the health-giving properties of Valeo-Propolis.


The valeo-process has been developed with the help of the latest crystallization technology. The crystal images were the leading indications during the development process and helped to find the most gentle harvesting method.



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to study the fascinating crystal images and convince yourself that Valeo-Propolis is ‘in a class of its own".



how to take valeo-propolis

Valeo-Propolis is available in convenient dropper bottles (30 ml). It is recommended to consume 8 – 10 drops every morning. If the immune system is on alert (fighting against a virus) and there is an increased need to benefit from the anti-viral properties of Valeo-Propolis, it is recommended to increase the intake to 4 times daily, 8 – 10 drops.


Valeo-Propolis is an organically certified product and is suitable for both adults and children. It has a sweet, pleasant taste, which will be appreciated particularly by children. Valeo-Propolis can be purchased directly on the internet at:



a product for the "alternative medicine consumer"

A growing number of consumers is looking for so-called ‘alternative medicine’ based on natural products. Bee propolis has always belonged to this category of products, but the full potency of bee propolis has been captured for the first time in Valeo-Propolis. The consumer can benefit from a natural dietary supplement of extraordinary quality, thanks to our unique harvesting process.


Valeo-Propolis is the first and only bee propolis that contains the biologically active compounds in their natural state, so that the consumer can fully benefit from their health promoting qualities.