Biopollen Honey

hagalis crystal analysis - an outstanding tool to visualise the quality of natural products



The Hagalis report awarded Biopollen Honey 23 out of 24 points. This very rare result...

  • confirms the extraordinary goodness and vitality of Biopollen Honey
  • proves the high quality of Biopollen Honey
  • shows the outstanding value of Biopollen Honey


the hagalis crystal analysis

The Hagalis crystal analysis gives an independent assessment of the quality and health benefits of Biopollen Honey. Its uniqueness and superior quality is best understood by comparing the crystal images of different kinds of honeys:


   Biopollen Honey:

   23 points

  • crystals have been formed completely
  • high energy and strenght
  • revealing intense goodness and vitality


   Organic Honey:

   17 points

  • crystals are not completely formed
  • low energy and strength
  • goodness and vitality weak

   Conventional Honey:

    8 points

  • no crystals formed, 90° formations
  • no energy and strength
  • no goodness and vitality


statements from the hagalis report

“Biopollen Honey is of excellent quality, desirable for the consumer, which can be recommended without restrictions."


“A direct comparison between organic and Biopollen Honey shows the very significant differences. Since both products come from the same area of cultivation, the Biopollen Honey shows a higher level of vital forces, which is judged to be significantly better than the neutral sample of organic honey."


“Biopollen Honey shows generally strengthening and harmonizing effects, which supports the constitution and the immune system of the consumer. The heart function, the function of the pancreas, liver, intestine and kidney are particularly strengthened."


“It is particularly worth emphasizing the characteristics, which indicate that the nervous system and the brain are strengthened and that the immune system is supported positively in its function."