hagalis crystal analysis - an outstanding tool to visualize the quality and health benefits of natural products



The Hagalis report awarded the Meliora-Extract 22.5 out of 24 points. This very rare result...


  • confirms the extraordinary goodness and vitality of the Meliora-Extract
  • proves the high quality of the Meliora-Extract
  • shows the outstanding value of the Meliora-Extract





the hagalis crystal analysis

The Hagalis crystal analysis gives an independent assessment of the quality and health benefits of the meliora-extract. The fascinating crystal images show the very high quality and provide clear indications about its benefits as an active ingredient in skin care products:



   (40 x enlarged)

  • very fine crystallisation
  • high in goodness and vitality
  • top quality




   (100 x enlarged)

  • crystals have formed at an angle of 60°
  • plant raw material is of the highest quality
  • no signs of any quality restrictions




   (400 x enlarged)

  • finest filigree crystalline forms 
  • harmonious composition with a real benefit for the consumer

statements from the hagalis report

“The Meliora-Extract shows a quality of the highest level. It contains very much goodness and vitality and has no signs of any pollutants whatsoever. "

“The Meliora-Extract shows strong healing effects for inflammatory illnesses of the skin. The positive and soothing effects on skin inflammation can also be extended to a generally strengthening and nourishing effect, which can actually prevent such inflammatory skin diseases."

“The Meliora-Extract is extraordinarily well suited as an ingredient for a skin care cream and is advantageous for the consumer, since he will very well experience the strengthening effect of the extract."

“The Meliora-Extract shows a nourishing and calming effect on the nervous system. This can be particularly positive with neurodermitis, since the constant itching overstrains the nervous system. The extract can alleviate such itching."

“Within the area of the skin metabolism, the extract has a stimulating and harmonising effect, without supporting thereby inflammatory processes."

“The skin is strengthened by the Meliora-Extract and well nourished deep into the dermis. The Meliora-Extract is therefore suitable for the daily skin care routine."