Meliora Skin Care

a natural skin care product of highly recommended quality and benefits



  • contains only natural ingredients with recognised benefits for the skin
  • enriched with the unique meliora-extract, an oil-based propolis extract
  • highly recommended as natural care for inflamed skin
  • nourishes the skin deep into the dermis
  • has received an independent quality assessment of the highest degree


the discovery of the meliora-extract

The beehive contains a wide range of substances that have health promoting qualities. Most studies have been made on bee propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen and honey. However, the latest research shows, that the beehive may contain many more products of exceptional benefits. The meliora-extract is such a product and promises some outstanding results for natural skin care.


The latest crystallisation technology has been the leading tool in the discovery of the meliora-extract.


This advanced technology is not only used to evaluate the quality of a wide range of products, but is also used to determine the health benefits of those products. The crystal image of the meliora-extract indicates, that it is highly recommendable as an active ingredient in skin care products.



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to study the fascinating crystal images of the meliora-extract and convince yourself of its outstanding characteristics.



ingredients and their benefits of the meliora skin balm

Sweet Almond Oil




Helps to reduce itching and inflammation
Combats dry skin
Good for sensitive skin


Organic Olive Oil




The most compatible oil to human skin
Soothing effect on inflamed skin
Anti-wrinkle properties


Organic Flaxseed Oil




Helps to maintain a healthy skin
Helps to manage eczema and psoriasis
Very high in essential fatty acids


Rose Hip Oil




Combats dry skin
Good for scare tissue healing
Rich in vitamin C


Jojoba Oil




Excellent moisturiser
Soothing effect on inflamed skin
Very high in unsaturated fatty acids


Orange Oil




Re-vitalises the skin


Vitamin E Oil



Beneficial for the formation of new skin


Aloe Vera




Soothing effect on inflamed skin
Excellent for sunburn
Rich in minerals and enzymes


Organic Meliora-Extract




Beneficial for inflammatory skin diseases
Nourishes the dermis
Calming effect on the nervous system


Organic Beeswax



Helps to keep moisture in the skin
Rich in plant derived vitamin A precursors



All the ingredients in the Meliora Skin Balm are recognised as highly beneficial for the skin. The meliora-extract in particular shows some outstanding properties and is highly recommended.


The unique combination of these beneficial ingredients, enriched with the meliora-extract, makes the Meliora Skin Balm one of the most suitable products available for skin care. Not only is it recommended as natural skin care for inflamed skin but it also nourishes the skin deep into the dermis. The Meliora Skin Balm leaves a thin oily film on the skin, which helps to better retain the moisture in the skin. The result is a healthy skin that keeps its natural softness and balance.



how to use the meliora skin balm

The Meliora Skin Balm is available in 50 g tubes. It can be used for the daily skin care routine or for extra care needed on patches of skin problems. It is recommended to apply the balm twice daily on those areas concerned.



a natural skin care product

The Meliora Skin Balm has been developed to meet the requirements for those growing numbers of consumers, who are actively looking for a natural skin care product. The meliora-extract adds extra value and makes the Meliora Skin Balm highly recommended as a natural care for inflamed skin.


The ingredients for the Meliora Skin Balm have been carefully selected and blended together to give the consumer the best possible skin care, particularly for inflamed skin.