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natural ingredients combined with gentle processing provide health products of the highest quality ...





  • natural ingredients from one of the last unspoilt environments
  • developed with the help of the latest crystallisation technology
  • processed to maintain their goodness and vitality
  • unique products of extraordinary quality

a unique combination

Cedrus is dedicated to develop and market unique health products of outstanding quality. The latest crystallisation technology is the leading tool to search for new health promoting substances and to design processes to maintain their goodness and vitality. This technology allows us to verify every ingredient used and to evaluate different manufacturing processes.

The geographical isolation of New Zealand, combined with the lack of any heavy industry and a low population, makes this country one of the most perfect places to produce natural health products. Comparative studies have shown that New Zealand offers natural products and ingredients of a quality that is hardly found in other parts of the world. This is a direct result of New Zealand’s unspoilt environment.

The high quality of the ingredients and the gentle processes create products of extraordinary value – products with a real benefit for the consumer. The outstanding goodness and vitality of our products are visualised thanks to the fascinating crystal images:


crystal images that show the high quality and benefits of the products


Organic Valeo-Propolis

  • fine vital forces have worked into Valeo-Propolis
  • superior product quality
  • strengthens the immune system
  • causes a positive effect on inflammatory illnesses



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to study the fascinating crystal images and convince yourself that Valeo-Propolis is ‘in a class of its own’.



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to study the fascinating crystal images of the Meliora-Extract and convince yourself of its outstanding characteristics.



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to see the fascinating images of Biopollen Honey and ‘look at’ the premium quality of this remarkable dietary supplement.



global activity

As an export-oriented company, Cedrus works together with a growing number of distributors around the world to bring the unique products to the consumers. If our products will enhance your current product range, please contact us and we can explore a possible cooperation.









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